• Gender Stereotyping in Children’s Toys
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    Gender Stereotyping in Children’s Toys

    I mentioned last week that Bink loooooooves Dora. He just can’t get enough of her. Which is fine. My problem comes from the fact that almost everything on the market with Dora slapped on it is pink. Or purple. Or covered in sparkly flowers. It’s not that I even care if Bink wears sparkly pink Dora shirts to the playground–it’s the way that other children and parents seem to approach any indication that something a little boy is doing isn’t masculine.

  • Christmas Gifts for the 2.5 Year Old Set

    Christmas Gifts for the 2.5 Year Old Set

    I kind of love Christmas.  I’ve got Christmas music playing right now.  I’ve had a spreadsheet of Christmas gift ideas going for weeks.  I can’t help it–I’m a planner. Since I’m almost done shopping for Bink, with the exception of small, spur of the moment things I know I’ll pick up along the way, I thought I’d share what we have in store.  Just in case anyone else is looking for gift ideas for the 2.5 year old boys in their lives.  Or in case people want to share more brilliant ideas with me, I’m always open to suggestions!